Dreamflight and more – Why we are collaborating with our clients on a charity burst

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Dreamflight and more – Why we are collaborating with our clients on a charity burstIt’s incredibly difficult to talk about working to raise some much-needed funds for charity. There is a sort of inbuilt reluctance we all have in talking about what we do for others. The reason for this is probably because we don’t do it for any reason other than to help. It’s a bit of a dichotomy really because the very thing you want to happen, raising the profile of the charity you are helping, is sort of scuppered by our own reluctance.



Every year for some time now we have supported Dreamflight by raising money for them. If you are not aware of Dreamflight, they are a charity that helps give the holiday of a lifetime to children with disabilities or who are suffering from serious illness. The break, which is also a time away from their families, gives the children the opportunity to not only enjoy the fun but gain independence, do some things that they probably never thought they would get the chance to do, and grow as individuals. Taking over 190 very deserving kids on a chartered 747 to Disneyland in Florida though requires a full complement of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, carers and assorted other support, and that doesn’t come without a price tag. In fact, it costs over £750,000 per year to give these very deserving children this trip. Our contribution to this is a huge total, and every contribution made helps make all this happen.


This year we decided to do something extra.

As well as supporting Dreamflight we asked our clients to enter a draw and nominate a charity of their choice and we will donate £2000 on their behalf. They responded in the way we knew they would, and it has been a resounding success.

One of the nicest parts of working in the recruitment is the people we meet. Honestly, when you work with different organisations and the teams within them, you can’t help but notice one thing they have in common. In a world of what seems like constant bad news with a steady stream of turmoil and stress, every day we meet nice people just going about their business who genuinely want to help others.

So, as a result of our idea for the draw this year, together with our clients we will be helping charities as diverse and deserving as:

That’s an amazing list of charitable groups large and small all of whom are just doing their best to make lives and communities a little bit better.

If you get a chance today, take a few minutes to look through the work these groups do. You can’t help but wonder at the dedication and hard work required just to keep them going, and it makes you realise that our combined contribution is the only thing that keeps them going.


Thank you

Thanks to everyone who took part in the draw and most of all thank you to all the charities that work so hard to make the world a little bit better. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true – When we all work together and chip in a little contribution each, we really can do extraordinary things.

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