Bridging the gap – The continuing skills shortage

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Bridging the gap – the continuing skills shortageThe IT world is a complex and often difficult one to work in. In our recent blog about the danger of obsolescence in a role, we looked at one of the main reasons why IT is so unusual: Where some industries have a steady change through technological advancement and implementation of new methods, the IT industry is commonly the source of those changes. What this means is that there is the ever-present threat of your skills becoming obsolete.

More jobs than people

Essentially, we are looking at an industry with more jobs than there are people to fill those roles. While this seems on the surface to be a good thing for the candidate, because it puts them in a strong negotiation position when it comes to contracts, it is a double-edged sword. Amongst other issues, a lack of skilled people can result in delays in projects while the right people are sourced and where one role relies on another that could mean some real issues. Overall though, it means that as a candidate you will likely be in a position where you can make real strides in your career goals.

An opportunity

For the employer, a skills gap seems a pretty difficult issue, but it can actually present an opportunity. With the right specialist recruiter behind your candidate search, it is possible and practical to gather the best team. With a good employment strategy, the right company brand, a recruitment team who really understands the skills needed and the people who have them, and a little flexibility in approach, employers can leap ahead of the competition.

For the candidate:

A skills gap market means adjusting your approach to employment a little:

  • Firstly, make sure your skills are visible, and it is clear how they relate to real-world situations
  • Find a trusted recruitment partner who will not just place you in a role. You have a career to develop and maintain, so you need tailored advice and offers, not a barrage of job roles
  • Think sensibly about what you are looking for. Money is important, but you are not going to get thousands more no matter how strong your position. Benefits and development with a strong employer are the main goals
  • Keep up to date with the industry and be flexible. Employers will be looking for someone who can work in multiple disciplines where possible to help fill the team

For the potential employer:

It’s all about attracting the right person:

  • Make sure the package and offer are attractive in ways other than just the salary
  • The shorter the period between initiating the vacancy and making the offer the better so if we can work to streamline the process as much as possible we are likely to get better results
  • Use your recruiter and find one who knows your industry
  • Consider training from the inside and having a degree of flexibility in your required skill set. Would it be an option, for example, to take someone from a similar role and train them?

Whatever the situation in the recruitment market, the IT industry is known for innovation and creative solutions. We are more than happy to help apply that approach your personal situation.

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