Five Ways of Making Your Business More Attractive to Job Applicants


“If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you’re already a success.” – Jack Canfield.

Jack Canfield advocates for being the best you can be in business, any organisation and career – and his message here is not only for leaders and how they might succeed in their business or profession. If we take this perspective and paint it across all people who are the beating heart of a company, we are already part way there to understanding what makes people tick. 

What attracts people to a job or organisation (and what keeps them there?)

Employees come first – people come first. If you care for your employees, they will care for your clients/customers. People are the thing that makes a business or organisation stand out. If people are happy, that will radiate outside an organisation and earn them a reputation as a place they want to join.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the past few years have witnessed swift progress with the emergence of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, automation, and the Internet of Things []. Consequently, the job market is rapidly evolving, requiring organisations to stay abreast of current market trends to attract talent.

As of 2023, the UK job market remains steady, but it grapples with a historically high number of unfilled vacancies, particularly in sought-after industries where finding skilled talent proves challenging. As of January 2023, it was reported that an impressive 47% of workers were actively seeking new job opportunities, pushing businesses and organisations to employ effective strategies in talent acquisition and retention.

Despite concerns about the recession, salary remains a primary motivator for job seekers, and their confidence in the job market remains high. However, employers need help matching suitable candidates to job roles in this increasingly competitive landscape. Workers are now prioritising better working conditions, improved career development prospects, comprehensive well-being packages, and increased flexibility, among other factors.

It’s not just about finding the right talent but also about attracting them to your business or organisation in the first place. If you have a great strategy in place, you’re already halfway there – see our previous blog that outlines some key points to ensure this process is smooth for candidates and your business alike:

 But before you get your candidates in your recruitment funnel, you need to think about how you attract them in the first place and how you can entice them to enter that funnel. This is all done correctly, of course – and in a way that makes the process enjoyable and insightful for all parties.

Here are ten powerful strategies to help make your business a magnet for top-tier candidates:

Define Your Company Culture

Clearly articulate your organisation’s culture, core values, and mission – on your website, social media, company page, and anywhere you’re likely to have a presence, including business seminars and conferences. These aspects significantly influence a candidate’s decision to join your team/organisation. Ensure these values are not just words but are practised and embedded within your company.

Showcase Success Stories 

Highlight employees who have grown, succeeded, and thrived in your business. Real-life examples can paint a vivid picture of what potential employees can expect.

What about having team members talk about their roles in different departments and levels of a company? Video is big these days, so you could have this as a regular feature on your website – talking about your company’s culture, values, roles and what it’s like on a typical day working for that organisation.

Invest in Employee Development 

One of the top things job applicants look for is the opportunity for growth. Offering continual training, mentorship programs, and clear pathways for advancement shows your commitment to their professional development, making your business more appealing as a place to join and stay.

Offer Competitive Salaries and Benefits

While salary isn’t everything, it remains an essential factor. In addition, comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off, can significantly enhance the attraction of your business.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Emphasise the importance of a healthy work-life balance within your organisation. Flexible hours, remote working options, and a commitment to reasonable workloads can make your business a top choice for applicants.

Cultivate a Positive Employer Brand

Your employer brand is your reputation as a place to work. Highlight your company’s strengths and what sets it apart through various channels like social media, website, and job postings.

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

An inclusive workplace can be a powerful magnet for talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. Make it clear that your company values and practices inclusivity. It’s an essential arm of your organisation, so you need an explicit inclusion and diversity policy to maintain the interest of many talented and skilled individuals.

Involve Employees in Decision Making

Job seekers value their voices being heard. Encourage a collaborative environment where everyone’s opinions are genuinely valued and considered. Do the leaders in your organisation hold regular staff debates and open days? Do you have lunch and learn sessions once a month?

Promote a Healthy Workplace

A safe, clean, and comfortable working environment is vital. Wellness programs, mental health support, and ergonomic considerations show you care about employees’ well-being.

Provide Recognition and Rewards

Recognise and reward your employees’ hard work and achievements. Regular appreciation—verbal, written, or in the form of bonuses or gifts—can boost morale and show prospective employees their efforts will not go unnoticed.

Making your business attractive to job applicants involves a commitment to a positive work environment and employee satisfaction. The companies that succeed in this are the ones that attract—and retain—the most exceptional talent. Remember, the more attractive your organisation is to potential employees, the more successful you’ll be in your recruitment efforts.

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