Keeping an eye on the next big thing

Technology recruiter - Keeping an eye on the next big thing

Tech must surely be one of the most exciting industries to work in – and to recruit for – at the moment. Once the domain of the ‘nerds’, today’s tech roles are cutting edge, challenging, future changing and, dare we say it, sexy. New trends, emerging technologies, fast-moving developments – these are all considerations that a modern technology recruiter must be on top of.

Whenever technology-related surveys are published, one thing comes through loud and clear. Respondents want to work in future-facing sectors. From blockchain to artificial intelligence, the internet of things to robotics, drones to virtual reality, these are the areas where the focus will likely be in the very near future. It’s no wonder that technically innovative organisations such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft top the list of employers that millennials would like to work for.

So how do you stay relevant as a technology recruiter in this fast-moving environment?

Firstly, recognise that change is going to happen, and so you’d better just accept it. The truth is that you are likely to have to discard some of your experience and replace it with new knowledge. Not just once, not twice, but again and again. What we knew to be true just a few years ago will now be out of date.

Take mobile app development. Go back ten years, and we just could not meet the demand of the software companies for qualified people. Now consider how many candidates you would get for such a job today. You’d be spoilt for choice. This is a clear example of why you need to know where the market is going.

To do this, you obviously need to have your finger on the pulse of the industry. By actively seeking out and keeping yourself informed about emerging trends, then developing a good knowledge and understanding of them, you will be better placed to identify the skills and the competencies that tomorrow’s jobs will demand. In turn, you’ll make yourself more relevant to the next generation of candidates for whom areas like genomics are as familiar as Java used to feel.

This is important because there will be less of a candidate pool for cutting edge technologies – you need to be able to convince that top talent that you can find them the job of their dreams. 

With qualified candidates hard to find, the savvy technology recruiter will be spending a lot of time cultivating those already employed elsewhere. You need to consider carefully how you will entice them away. Of course, not every organisation can be at the leading edge of the next big thing but don’t underestimate the attractiveness of a cool company culture and eye-watering perks. 

Remember, not everything changes

In the midst of this dynamism, it’s worth remembering that not everything changes. Your recruitment processes, including feedback from all stakeholders, should be there to support your ability to talk the candidate’s language, to make them feel that they are in safe hands and that you have their best interest at heart. 

What are your experiences of recruiting for new technology sectors? Have you brought in talent or retrained from within? Let us know your thoughts.

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