Proven Ways to Make New Team Members Feel Welcome and Involved   

New team members

Welcoming new team members into your workplace is an important role. Starting a new job can be very nerve-wracking, and you begin feeling very anxious about joining a new team in an unfamiliar environment. As an employer, you will need to create a sense of belonging and set the stage for their success in your business. There are many ways to create an environment where they feel supported, valued and included from their very first day on the job, but how exactly do you do this?   

Prepare for a Warm Welcome  

Before the new team member starts, send them a personalised welcome message. The simple gesture can put them at ease before their first day as they feel anticipated and valued before they even set foot in the work environment.   

Ensure their workspace is set up and ready on their first day. Many workplaces have started a buddy system where you assign the new member to a current team member to guide them through the onboarding stage so they don’t feel so alone, and they can get introduced to a few team members by this mentor/guide.   

Schedule introductions foster open communication  

Arrange an informal meet and greet for employees to get together and introduce themselves to their new team members. Encouraging team members to share a bit about themselves and to learn about the new team member’s backgrounds and interests can foster the start of open communication between team members. By ensuring you’ve created an environment where team members can feel comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification, you encourage all members, including new members, to voice their ideas and opinions.  

Onboarding plan   

Having a structured onboarding plan outlining the new team members’ responsibilities, expectations, and goals will make them feel more included. Having structure improves the onboarding process and eases the new member’s anxiety. Try including training sessions and relevant resources to help them adjust to their role in the company.  


Include the new team members in meetings, social events and team-building activities to help them gain connections with their colleagues and build rapport with the team. Encourage the new team members to participate in decision-making processes and contribute their ideas to demonstrate that their input is valued, creating a sense of inclusion and belonging.  

Another way of including new team members would be to assign them meaningful tasks to allow them to contribute to projects, creating an opportunity to show their dedication and hard work. Assigning them these meaningful tasks will enable them to show they have the skills to reinforce their value to the team.  

Offer ongoing support and feedback  

The first few weeks of being a new team member and trying to fit in can sometimes be a hard adjustment. Check-in regularly to see how the new team members are doing and offer support as and when needed. Also, provide them feedback on their progress, so what they’re doing well and what may need to be improved to help them grow and develop in their role.   

Milestones and achievements  

When a new team member has accomplished a task, whether completing a project, reaching a milestone, or simply settling into their role, they feel appreciated when it has been acknowledged. Celebrating these accomplishments can boost morale and make them feel more of a sense of belonging.   

By following these strategies, you can create a welcoming environment that sets new team members up for success in your company, fostering mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. Investing time and effort into your new team members can help them feel valued and involved, increasing productivity, retention and morale in the organisation.  

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