Motivating candidates in a post pandemic world

motivating candidates

Many of us are asking if life will ever be the same again. Our work landscape has changed more rapidly and profoundly than anyone sitting at a desk in December 2019 could ever have imagined.

Whilst the pandemic has been a human tragedy, it has also been the catalyst behind new thinking and approaches to our work and lives. Of course, recruitment in many industries practically ground to a halt in 2020 and has only just started to look up again.  

This revival brings with it many new challenges, along with a much-missed sense of optimism. To succeed in recruiting the best talent in the post-pandemic environment, you need to ensure you identify and understand the motivations of your candidates.

Structuring the package to meet candidate priorities

In a survey run by Tiger Recruitment of nearly 3000 UK job seekers, three top priorities emerged as most important for candidates at the moment:

A competitive salary

Job security

Work/life balance

The first two are not really surprising and is a natural response to the extreme uncertainty that many have found themselves in over the last 18 months. 

Salaries are at similar levels now to pre-pandemic, and nearly half of the respondents report expecting a pay rise over the next year. If you are financially able to offer a highly competitive salary, along with regular structured reviews, this will appeal to the market. 

One thing the experience has taught us is that many sectors can work extremely well with a flexible working structure, and this has become an exceptionally important aspect, with half of respondents saying it was the best thing to come out of the pandemic. Particularly appealing is the loss of the time and money spent on commuting, and employers who continue to offer flexibility will be those that attract the candidates. 

Addressing their concerns

Nearly three-quarters of the survey respondents said that their biggest worry is their career – compared to just around a third who are afraid of catching COVID. Interestingly, the virus itself is way down their list of concerns.

Job security is highly valued at the moment and so roles that can offer some level of stability will be much sought after. To attract the top talent, employers will need to demonstrate how  

they can support personal development and show a career path, offering reassurances about the prospects within their organisation. 

Another major concern is that office culture will have changed, thanks to high levels of home working and the need to socially distance when in the office. 

Activities that drive social interactions such as post-work drinks, team lunches and company nights out have necessarily been curtailed. Employers need to think creatively to create a positive work environment and find ways to introduce the social side of things back into the workplace.

The best package you can offer

Absolutely key to attracting the people you need for a strong future is a great benefits package, adapted for the changed times we are now living in. To really stand head and shoulders above the competition, you need a tailored approach to benefits that reflects the needs and concerns of your potential candidates.  

Examples might be the provision of transport to avoid commuting or providing ergonomic home office setups for those who wish to work from home. 

Wellness is a hot topic, particularly mental health. Some employers are offering access to medical support or hiring in-house wellness managers to support their employees’ well-being. 

There’s no doubt that the recruitment sector will face challenges over the coming months, not least through an increased reluctance in candidates to move jobs in still uncertain times. But if employers take the time to address their concerns and meet their needs, there’s no reason why you cannot attract good people.

Have you started recruiting post-pandemic? And if so, what have your experiences been? We’d love to hear about your challenges and successes.

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