How to Get Through the Video Screening Process

Video screening process

More and more hiring teams are making use of video software in the interview process, whether this is through video call interviews or having candidates send pre-recorded answers to interview questions. Using video screening in this way saves the company a lot of time and effort and speeds up the hiring process quite effectively – you can fit in many more video interviews in a day than you would face-to-face. But for the candidate, this could be rather daunting. So here are our top five tips for presenting yourself in the best way through video, whether that is through pre-recorded answers or video calls. 

1. Set-Up 

How you set up your camera, whether you are using your computer webcam or phone, can really have an impact on how you come across to the interviewer. If you are looking down toward your laptop screen, it will give the impression that you are, in fact, looking down on your interviewer. Make sure you lift the camera to eye level. This may mean using boxes or books to stack under your laptop, but it will give a much better impression and a more flattering angle. Also, take some time to consider the lighting and background shown in your video. Remove any potential interruptions by switching your phone to ‘do not disturb’, turning off any notifications that could interrupt a video call and shutting any pets out of the room you are using.

2. Dress to Impress

Your interviewer may likely only be seeing your top half on your video call, but that shouldn’t mean that you don’t dress in interview attire. By dressing appropriately, you will put yourself in the professional mindset you need for the interview. Consider also how your clothes will appear against the backdrop of your video and dress in clothing that will contrast with the background. For example, if your chair and the wall behind you are both white, wear something dark to avoid being lost in the background.

3. Preparation is Key

Just like in a regular, in-person interview, preparation is vital to success. Prepare answers to potential questions using the STAR method and have stories and examples of work you have done previously ready to discuss. In a video call set-up, you could even have documents and examples of projects you have been involved in previously open in the background on your laptop. If they become relevant, you could ask to share your screen to show them. You could also have your CV in front of you, out of view of the camera, to reference and have notes to prompt you to any stories you have planned to share. 

4. Practise

If the hiring team has asked you to send pre-recorded answers, this gives you a great opportunity to plan and practise your answers. You don’t have to send the first take, but instead, you have some wiggle room to make mistakes that you wouldn’t have in a live interview. If you are required to use software for a video call that you are unfamiliar with, take time ahead of the interview to make sure it is correctly installed, and you know how to use it. Practise looking into the camera rather than the device screen and smiling as you deliver your answer. It can be easy to come across as much less energetic through a camera, so smiling and gesticulating as you speak can help you present yourself as more engaging, friendly and confident. 

5. Maintain Professionalism 

When you are in the comfort of your own home, it can be easy to feel more relaxed and casual. However, an interview is not casual, and the hiring team will still expect a demonstration of professionalism from you. Therefore, you should treat it just as you would if you were meeting face to face – the potential outcome will be the same; you will either get a job or not, so treat it with the same level of preparation and care. 

With video screening becoming a much more common stage in the hiring process, it is important that job seekers prepare for such requirements. Hopefully, our tips will help put you on the road to success, and if we can be of any help, please get in touch

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